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Wonderful feeling. For a while week my tooth had been killing me. And as of 3/18...I feel like I have a new mouth. I couldn't find the 1st dentist to help me with my pain....until I called THE SMILE PARLOR....They staff was amazing knowing I had to have an extraction. They made sure I was A okay. Regardless of what this is the best Dentist ever. Thanks David and Staff at the SMILE PARLOR. You guys are the ABSOLUTE BEST!!!
Brittany M.
Google Reviewsrated five stars
I had an awesome experience during my visit. The staff provided outstanding customer service and was very knowledgeable with any questions that I had to ask. Dr. Jenkins was very Professional and gave detailed explanations to any recommendations that he suggested. Thank you Smile Palor LLC for the wonderful experience. I recommend everyone to go see Dr. Jenkins for all your dental needs!!!
Zavien J.
Google Reviewsrated five stars
Dr. Jenkins and his team were extremely friendly and personable. Honestly, I kind of forgot that I was even at a dentist office because of how relaxed I was. Dr. Jenkins made sure that I understood exactly what was being done and talked me through my examination as he was going through it. He also took the time to review my dental insurance and was 100% aware of what was and wasn't covered and presented me with the most appropriate and cost effective options. I highly recommend Smile Parlor for anyone looking for a great dental experience!
James T.
Google Reviewsrated five stars
Absolute best dental experience I’ve ever had! Dr. Jenkins and his staff were extremely professional and courteous. I was extremely relaxed because Dr. Jenkins walked me through the entire examination and explained what he was doing and why. I’ve never had anyone take the time to do that. I was extremely comfortable and did not have any of my usual dental anxiety. Such a great experience. Thank you Dr. Jenkins !
Shakeria B.
Google Reviewsrated five stars
I took my almost 4 yr old daughter to see Dr. Jenkins and she hasn't stopped talking about it yet! They worked well with her and made her comfortable. Everyone was friendly and they saw her quickly! Will be booking my own appointment for the future!
Krystal A.
Google Reviewsrated five stars
Dr. Jenkins was amazing, he was quick and friendly and I didn’t feel a thing! I also had a smooth  and quick heal ! I absolutely recommend him and his staff for extractions or any other procedure!!!
Megan F.
Google Reviewsrated five stars
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